Ben Barnes

I get tremendous energy from working with the people and causes I believe in.

Ben Barnes

Ben's keen political insight, hard work, ability to cut through the clutter, along with his charisma, made him a protégé of President Lyndon B. Johnson and an ally of Governor John Connally. His political career is the stuff of legend: elected to the Texas House of Representatives at the age of 22 and elected the youngest-ever Lieutenant Governor with more votes than any statewide candidate in Texas history. His legislative legacy has benefited generations of Texas public school students and he has helped to transform Texas into a technological hub.

After leaving office, Ben tried his hand at land development and was instrumental in creating the Barton Creek Resort in Austin, TX. He foresaw an urban and modern Austin and was part of the wave of developers who literally built the city we see today.

Now, in his third career, Ben Barnes is a gifted fundraiser and a trusted advisor in Washington, DC. Recently, the Houston Chronicle named him one of the Ten Most Powerful Texans in Washington. His understanding of political networks gives him a sense of what needs to be done and how to do it correctly. He has a knack for quick thinking and never lets the goalposts out of his sight.

"I bring to my clients a lifetime of knowledge and experience," Ben says. "And I love the chance to make good things happen for them."

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