Patsy Thomasson

I'm as much a part of the client's team as I am the Ben Barnes' team... this is key to achieving success.

Patsy Thomasson

Prior to joining the Ben Barnes Group, Patsy was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Buildings and led the agency through the crises of the bombings of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. As the bombings made clear that embassies around the world were vulnerable to attack, Patsy and her team at the State Department developed ways to more quickly complete projects designed to improve the safety for U. S. citizens overseas. During Patsy's tenure, her team stood out on construction projects such as shepherding the construction of a U. S. embassy in 14 months, rather than the typical 36 months schedule. Under Patsy's leadership, State partnered with the contractors, the embassy personnel and the citizens of the interested host countries to make the work move quickly and efficiently.

"A team approach facilitates getting tasks done more quickly and efficiently," says Patsy. "Most important, team buy-in ensures that the success of the project or work is valued by all."

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