The intersections of politics and business are complex. With experience as elected officials and as entrepreneurs, we understand the intricacies and challenges of navigating and managing difficult issues. With an extensive network of relationships in business and government, the Ben Barnes Group is extremely well-suited to handle any type of public issue, whether it is crisis management, government advocacy or business development.

Legislation and policy affect an organization as much as any business decision ever made. We understand the diverse interests behind policy, legislation and regulation. We are experienced in message development, communication, issue management, advocacy and coalition building.

We travel wherever needed in order to effectively address any issue, whether that means pursuing solutions in a multi-state territory, on Capitol Hill, or in international arenas. Because of our principals diverse backgrounds, our capabilities transcend all industry sectors. We specialize in taxation, education, energy, financial services, healthcare, transportation, trade, defense, intellectual property and environmental policy.

Specific services include:

  • Research and analysis
  • Legislative and political strategy
  • Advocacy on policies and issues
  • Coalition building
  • Political intelligence
  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring
  • Representation on political, regulatory, and legislative issues
  • Procurement contracts and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Testimony preparation

Few people ever notice when a crisis is avoided. Everyone notices when one is mismanaged. And when troublesome issues become public, the result is always costly.We help clients react to and mitigate crises.

We are nimble enough to move quickly and assist with targeted communication and problem resolution.

From environmental hazards, natural disasters, employee misconduct, legal affairs, and regulatory concerns, to consumer and product issues, every aspect of an organization or business is open to some form of risk. The Ben Barnes Group is often asked to help companies evaluate their risk and exposure and put in place plans for dealing with all types of crises.

While some government relations firms focus on protecting a client's interests, we take a broader view. A concomitant emphasis on business development ensures that we continuously present you with new, upcoming opportunities. Timing is everything; and we know the importance of early identification of opportunities, meetings with public officials and background research that provides a competitive advantage.

Through our alliance with Strategic Partnerships, Inc., we aggressively position our clients for public sector procurement opportunities and public-private partnerships with government entities. Within the private sector, our far-reaching relationships across industries make our firm an invaluable resource for new business connections.

We also advise on strategic tax planning, foreign investments, emerging global opportunities, foreign government investment incentives, international taxation strategies, and more to help our clients maximize their position.